The Liverpool accountants for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial business owners look forward whilst most accountants look backwards.

It explains why your accountant seems to be speaking a different language to you.

At MJF, we’re entrepreneurs, just like you. That means we speak the same language as you.

And, just like in your business, we’re forward thinking and focus on the important factors that bring success.

Yes, we do all of the standard stuff. Accounts, tax returns, VAT and payroll are important….. but that’s just your starting point for growth, not the be all and end all.

If you are just after the compliance side then we’re very good at it. We’ve got the qualifications to prove it too! But, if you want to build a track record of success with a bright future for your business, then you’ve just found a place for advice that will help you flourish.

Share your goals with us and we’ll make everything available to make sure you achieve them.

By the way, as well as looking forward in business, we look forward in technology. We were the first Liverpool accountants to become Gold Partners with Xero, the world’s leading cloud-based accountancy software, and we use this to put you in control of your numbers any time and any place.

Take a look at our video that shows what makes us different.

Dare to rediscover your dreams again.

You didn’t set up your business to spend all day talking to an accountant about numbers and tax. You set it up to meet your hopes, dreams and ambitions.

Your numbers are already giving you clues on how to springboard to your hopes, dreams and ambitions. It just takes a little know-how to translate what they are telling you.

You have seven numbers that really matter in tracking your success. These numbers will be different for every business. We’ll help you identify and monitor your key numbers. Once understood, you will understand the key drivers for your business, and then keep you on top of the numbers that are important to you. This will help your business become more profitable and put more cash in your bank account.

You’ll also have access to one of the world’s most successful marketing and business growth systems, full of practical tools and systems that you can use to help your business grow. We’ll give you this as a thank you for choosing us as your accountant.

So, are you ready to grow?

If you are entrepreneurial, desire growth, and want to gain control of your business to deliver your dreams, then please get in touch 0151 380 3800 or by email at

Alternatively, you can use our website contact form.

We hope to speak to you soon. And in your language!

Personal Tax

You will no longer need to worry about missing the annual filing deadline of 31 January. If you miss the deadline, we will pay the fine plus £100 to you for the inconvenience caused.


Whether you are a sole trader, partnership or limited company, you will need a set of accounts. These accounts can be used by you to monitor your performance.

Business tax

We will make your business as tax efficient as possible. We'll make sure you're using the best VAT scheme and minimising Corporation Tax and PAYE.

Business growth

Do you want to grow your business and increase your profits? We will work with you throughout the year to meet all your business goals.